Ah, Cast your nets
 toward Saskatchewan. 
 Basking as you wandered
off a once upon a time
ago so so and so could go
on and fawn on about it
every once in awhile 
making you smile while 
found down somewhere
around Saskatchewan.
I get it and I'm never
going to forget it the 
cats caterwauling 
and bats scattering 
on the wing of a cast 
of slung shot characters
adrift on the wind, yes
deep down underground
Just south of what you thought
You found in Saskatchewan. 


timeMaster, timeMaster

descr.  of  the  comet Rosetta   /67P
timeMaker, timeTaker
     [listening to free salamander exhibit  undestroyed 
on the 45RPM 2LP vinyl released recently]

the Rosetta Comet remains my favorite
case of pareidolia--writ large. Now that I've mapped
just about all of the hyperlit surface in my mind
to its corresponding points, I can dedicate
a more in-depth examination
of the mountainous terrain
of melded plateaux toward
cheekily pointing out
'the bridge of tongues'
for example (extruding out
from under the shadow beneath
the left cheekbone) could possibly be

the landing stone to an eroded stairwell
lashing up through the nose to the final
three steps of the eyelid--beyond which
lies the uppermost ledge of sculptured hair

This titanic Promethean bust tumbles
through our system on its own gravitational course
projected on a pathway that has intersected with our own
while we're ever probing farther from our home planet
with jet fuel propelled space probes we reach out to
draw tight a wire loop about the targets, examine them
and even land remote mini spacecraft like the Philae
whose trajectories course arrive plotted
to land upon the topmost cratered area
comprising the right rearmost spot
on top of the chimerical skull
depicted below:


Swamp Poem

I am the revolution, my blood's spiked in sickness
I'm an extremophile thriving in a toxic valley with a withered soul 
Only replenished by poetry, art and music of unhinged expression. 
I am grateful to the fungal network of mycelium that created us. 
I worship the ocean's flesh and I howl toward the blood of the wind. 
The snowflake remains one link in my armor woven into a blizzard
Of pure retribution set to erase religious and political institutions. 
I am a complicated time bomb ticking away until comes the day 
I go off in an ever-softening acceptance of universal love, because 
When push comes to shove there's not even a contest betrayed 
Since hatred's really just die hard love dressed in purest black. 
We can't hide all the colors bursting from our Rainbow Eyes. 
Let's take a deeper look inside so we can each see our reflections 
As the opposite of whatever hollow idols may be the target
of our genuflections. The chaos we praise now will transmute into 
The order of fallen rubble left to be polished by the tempest of time. 
We evolved from nematodes and will sink back into slime.